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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight. i'm mark wilson, i'm kelly ring, thank you for joining us, day of victory and speeches as donald trump is the 45th president of the united states. it started early talking to supporters in new york city, to all republicans and democrats and independents across the nation i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. it is time, he promised to be the president of all americans and said that he was reaching out to those who dependent support him for guidance and help to unify the country, then midmorning today hillary clinton spoke to her supporters at a hotel in new york. it was a vastly different setting from where she was to give her speech last night. she said she hoped that donald trump would be a successful president for all of americans
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win for the values and vision she had for the country. >> this is painful and it will be for a long time but i want to you remember this, our campaign was never about one person or even one election, it was about the country we love and building an america that is hopeful, enclues efficient and big hearted. >> and now that the race what will the president mean for america and florida. and lloyd sowers has more on this. >> and donald trump is a part time resident of the state. he could impact issues. he is a new york billionaire but florida is trump's second home and beaches, military beaches and veterans could see changes with trump, he will get rid of people that are not doing their
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thompson need as transplant. he thinks trump can fix the va. >> he will open it up so that a vet can go to an independent doctor outside of the va and get service. >> and macdill and other bases could grow under the promise to rebuild the military. and with tourism florida's largest industry hotel executive said he know was business >> we hope there is a roll back that we have been burdened with. and it has been on the heels of issues related to labor and to the federal trade commission. it would be incredible if that gets rolled back quickly and effectively. >> but it's not clear how trump's build a wall immigration policy may affect agriculture the second largest industry and
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after the victory, and undocumented women in the country i'm with you, and activists worry he will stall the ever glades restoration and pull out of climate change agreements. >> what he said about the environment and clean energy is horrible. >> and a list of what trump will bring. but others here welcome a changing tide in backyard. another connection he is not in the cabinet position in the trump administration. thank you very much. >> and he has a full agenda he will do many things starting on day one in the oval office. and craig, what will the president's first 100 days look like, he came up with a list and
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boils down to take a new justice and that will be one of the first orders of business. and on a new agenda and with that he will want to renegotiate trade deals perhaps take the first step in the first 100 days for renegotiating nafta and say that the relationship with tpp is finished as well. he wants to repeal obamacare he and there will be changes in terms of how it is administered on the federal level. he is calling for tax reform. he will use his pulpit to move that through congress and livers restrictions an energy production and take a conservative justice, gave a list of 21 names. there are a couple of floridians
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he will pick or go off that list. we do know that he will take the supreme court of the united states from the current split we have back to the tilt to the right that may exist for decades to come. >> we heard lloyd mention the governor he is not interested who knows things it is early. what about him or pam bondi or floridian in a trump cabinet. any possibility. >> scott shut down speculation when he was asked about the secretary and i would say if not rick scott he is squashing that for now there is another and and indeed you have pam bondi who is not shutting down and the next
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and this is controversy related to a donation.@ but she could have the role in the administration that's the way they are surfacing. >> thank you very much. new at 6:00 another upset. voters had enough of hillsborough mark ober after 15 years he is out. we met with the attorney. >> he is a former federal prosecutor and now he will be the top dog there at the state attorney's office. >> the state attorney mark ober loses the job. >> no one saw it coming but maybe andrew warren. >> did you see it coming? >> absolutely, he did the impossible. >> mark ober protecting the
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narrowest of margins to be the next state attorney. >> the biggest difference was the philosophy of criminal justice. we did not measure it in the success by constriction rates or incarceration lates. >> a lot has changed he went negative and it worked. he was painted as out of touch. >> and did you think of touch? >> i thought the policies were out of touch. >> after the defeat insiders say there is a sense of doom at the state's attorney office that he will clean house, not at all. >> one is barry cohen and one of ober's loud of the critics. >> you teeth he can sail through
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different mind set. now he will have the top job what can we expect? >> the crimes the father of two girls keep me up, murder, rape. domestic violence. they threaten security and economic security. that's what we're going to focus on. >> and low level offenders will probably get a break. >> and from the pay restitution and do com work with agencies and that helps them take responsibility for their actions and not lock them up and turn our back on them and then that's it. >> and warren turns 40 january 1 thensy sworn in as state attorney. a crossing guard is remembered of a being run over
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mt. vernon elementary. before school let out on tuesday, police say that david was hit and killed by a car. behind the wheel this person, charles walton. students are remembering him as someone who had a smile on his face. we talked to his wife who said he would have returned 73 on monday. >> and i got b through the house looking for him. it is hard. it is hard. it is hard. >> and he had a first appearance in court where bond was raised to $50,000. it has been a decade since they got a raise it may be over. negotiations have been ongoing for three years. and the city has recommended a 3% retroactive pay raise.
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for this year. >> this is very important for the officers if it goes to receive the raise. they have worked hard. the members must vote yes to go forward. the president said he is advertising people to vote yes, a done deal. a transportation a final plan. that's after the break. paul, we had a string of great days. that's no good. >> and cloudy weather came in. the first time in a long time some action on sky tower t is something. light rain.
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((kelly--vo)) a two year tussle between hillsborough a two year tussle between the transportation commission and ride sharing companies uber and lyft is over. it ends lawsuit and the company. >> and is it really over. and uber and lyft are now operating legally.
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and that's unlikely it will be overturned. >> passes. >> if you think uber is grateful to the commission for agreeing and operation legally; the organization exists by, for and for the benefit of special interests. >> reporter: think again the public affairs director is still taking swipes at the ptca reacng wednesday ending the two-year battle with the ptc. the ride sharing companies will do stricter checks but not the most secure checks. and they will agree to inspections they will not charge the higher prices during disasters. >> the decision met opposition from the taxi industry which said the operating agreement or
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rules, we need rules and toas not for two corporate monopolies. >> the agreement with uber and lyft expires next december but they hope the legislature will keep uber and companies like it in the sunshine state. >> i hope it will provide leadership and do what other permanent home for ride sharing. >> it treated another set of moves. they require the fingerprint checks but do not apply to uber and lyft just any other companies that want to come in. >> evan lambert. thank you very much. 's today was cloudy but can
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cloudy and we still at tia. >> and light rain and moving rapidly from west to east and the air over us is very dry. it moves our way and it kind of evaporates. and out and about this evening and you drops, that's it. that is not going to be enough to add up to much. there will be lingering clouds for a time. all that goes by and by midday we're back to sunshine, that should continue into the weekend. that is showing spodey light areas of rain or sprinkles a lot of this is probably not even reaching the ground.
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more areas of light rain in the gulf this is east of the same time. that's that. for the first time in the gulf. and the skies were mostly cloudy. and the map. and it is 63. tallahassee is 68 and 59 and drier air is to the it will come back in the backside and the rain and so tomorrow and into the weekend the dew points are low and we'll have sunshine that's a nice combination. near 80. nice weather coming up into the weekend. 73 in st. pete. what else. clearwater is 69. brooksville the same. wesley chapel. and newport michie.
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mid70s right now. we're 74 dew point and 61 and northwest winds at 9. area of low pressure west of us will die out and that's that. we expand on the view. the clouds are here. lingering clouds for a time tomorrow morning and that goes by and we're back to sunshine. light rain, raleigh and dc up i-95. not much. and 63. as can you see it is cooler behind the fronts but this time of year nothing cold. we stay in the 60s. and developing sunshine the highs in the 70s and the 80s. we put the maps into motion clouds over us for a time tonight. low pressure weakens in the gulf.
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lots of sunshine a breeze and cool in the morning. sunshine near 80. the weekend should be good. more sun rhine and temperatures day near average and dew points are low. any way you slice it the forecast is good. and developing sunshine tomorrow. low humidity. nice day. back near 80. more sunshine and please pleasant i did mention maybe a small chance of showers. not much. we are mostly dry and the temperatures are very pleasant. scott. a big opportunity for the bucs to secure the win. a struggling bears team comes to town. how critical this is. and doug martin on the back
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ies to fall in love with. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. (scott)the buccaneers runningback carosel has been spinning out of control the the buc's carosel is spinning out of control. injury after injury. good news.
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practice field. and it is good to see number 22 back there. he participated in all the agility work that the cameras captured during the period today. dirk koetter did not want to disclose how much he will use martin. it may take time. he has not played since the injury took place during tweak two of the season. and 8 games to go. the second half of the season and against the bears remaining teams on the schedule. and that makes this one a must win. >> and the bucs open the second half facing a 2 win opponent in the bears that they just have to beat. >> we have not won a game. >> and adding to the pressure is at home where they have not won
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are trying not to think about it to turn it around starts with winning at home, we have to get on track at home. we struggled this year. you know going back to a couple of years ago we have a tougher time winning at home. we feel this is an opportunity for us; we have not won a game at home and three losses in a row. and we're 3 of 5. we don't want to they carried them into playoff position. they are following a similar path starting with protecting the football. he has thrown one interception and continues to find ways of getting mike evans the ball. >> that's a job. >> he is a main guy. and that's the fight inside of him.
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>> even though they players had to be work at 6 a.m. many were glued to the coverage and like us it was a topic of conversation. and until this week some did not feel like he had a chance, he picked up steam, i'm surprised for that i was surprised i thought hillary clinton would win by a landslide. >> and i was not trump won. >> last night i watched a lot of it and stayed up late. exciting stuff.
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>> both sides of the aisle. >> there as long as they play well on sunday. straight at 6:30. campaign to reconciliation a change in tone from donald trump now he is elected president, the trigs and why the pollsters were so far off the mark in the predictions. we'll tell you about the rescue to save a boy who fell down a well in china. stay with us. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars.
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for those who have chose chosen not to support me in the past, there were a few people, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and help so that we can work together. >> a moment in history not too many people donald trump is the 45th president elect of the us and most of the talk was not only about the victory but the transition of power. >> this is painful. and it will be for a long time. a hillary clinton delivering a concession speech the day after
6:30 pm
elect, we owe him an open hind and chance to lead. and a message to girls hoping she would shatter the highest glass ceiling, are you deserving of every opportunity in the world to achieve your own dreams, the sun is up. everyone had a long night. the president shift of power between administration in the next 72 days. the transition of power is, we are going to show that to the world. >> and a splintered republican party. many were unenthusiastic about
6:31 pm
speaker who seemingly changed his tone today. >> he heard a voice no one else heard. he turned politics on its head. >> and mitch mcdonnell -- mcconnell send a supreme court nominee to the senate. lauren blanchard fox news. let's go to craig patrick. the pollsters missed this one. what happened? >> in layman's terms this miscalculated what the turn out would be. they made wrong assumptions about the numbers. the presumption by many that would put hillary clinton over the top. there was a big spike and a majority you have a plurality that backed donald trump and the fact that the turn out of white voters and early voting was just off the chain with this, the formulas were off.
6:32 pm
percentage up and adjust the younger voters down. turn out was down. , they made assumptions, we knew this was a differed kind of year and for most were wrong. there were some including who called this for trump in florida and winning nationwide , he has been right so many times before. >> do you think we'll see a change how it is done. >> poll something more difficult with the advent of smartphones and moving away from the land lines how do you do this. someone of the changes may be a change in sample size. you have the times survey that showed him out front it had a larger group of people. they were serving over and over
6:33 pm
again. that may be one of the changes that more pollsters will embrace. and take a good close look and figure out how they change the way the polls are weighted. this will be a challenge the polls failed. they failed in great britain and brexit they are failing more times than not when you look at what happened and with that there will be a great soul searching. what is on tap. >> he had the touch how he did it. he will join us and we'll ask him what he did and what he adjusted in the polls that others did not. we'll go one on one with charlie leduff to see what happened in michigan he saw that 16 months ago. and we'll break down donald trump's first 100 days as
6:34 pm
help him lead. that's coming up tonight at 11:30. thank you. what is the world thinking of our next president? reaction is pouring in tonight and as benjamin hall it is so far mixed. >> donald trump and the team celebrate victory, migrants are expressing concern. some say they don't think trump will be the one to help refugees in trump. if it was hillary clinton we expect many things. >> a lack of confidence in mexico where the value of the peso fell in response to the news. >> the government of the republic will take the measures in a fashion with the goal of functioning of the markets. >> newspapers world wide are reacting to the news. the u.n. secretary-general is
6:35 pm
>> and the hard fought and divisive campaigns. and we are that unity in diversity over the united states is one of the country's greatest strengths. and they called him quote a great friend of israel, the of two us working together will bring the great alliance to eve >> the british testimony congratulated trump saying they will remain strong parter ins -- partners, we have a relationship which is built on our shared values. >> leaders of many countries have pledged to work with trump including france, germany and italy and russia n london benjamin hall. >> the race for the white house was not the only question on the
6:36 pm
and amendment 2 allowing for medical marijuana passed this time around with 71% of the vote. and four states, california, maine, massachusetts and nevada. they approved recreational use. california is the big est in the nation to do that n colorado voters gave the thumbs up to proposition 106, that allow as person from a terminal disease with six months or less to live to buy medicine to lives. >> five other states have similar laws. we'll start in iraq, forces and isis militants from another shown short of mosul. and this is east of movement osul. not to rush back because of the explosives that the soldiers may have left behind. thousands have been displaced as the forces worked to take back
6:37 pm
yaps. we have more from new york. >> and as the forces try to retake ayes in the middle east more than 20 civilians die in syria. amid the war consuming the country the bombings are blamed on russia, so much and a life that no one wants to live and the kids that lived this suffering and in humiliation. >> civilians are fleeing the defactor capital as the fighters ared a vaning towards the city. they are hopeful they don't think retaking the stronghold will be easy. >> our struggle has been continuing for two days now. we're waking our way to rka. they are tree from the -- free from the control they are displaced from their homes.
6:38 pm
the fight has been difficult as they deal with gunfire and bombings. >> we wished for death at times the battle lasts for hours on end from 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. the bombing was continuous. and 11,000 have been displaced and now living in camps out of the city. >> and they took us out may god bless >> isis has taken 300 hostages outside of mosul. and many were dead another recaptured. >> crews in china are working to rescue a boy who has been stuck in a well for three days now. the boy fell and was trapped which is more than 130 feet
6:39 pm
rescue the baby but crews have not been able to reach the bottom of the well. they are working hard. ox fen is send into the well but the condition is unknown. a rare and beautiful diamond will fetch a price at an auction t is a blue and over 8 carats. and a 15 to $25il necklaces that belong to russian royalty. and they will fetch $80 million. that's one i will not attend. a scene out of a disaster movie.
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officials in south carolina have identified two officials have identified the two bodies -- two of the bodies found on the property of a serial killer. meg yeah they were burr id there about a year. they a history of legal trouble were reported missing last december. they died from gunshot wounds. more troubles coming for the man facing murder charges. they found kala brown chained to a storage contain there on the property. gm announcing a series of
6:43 pm
because officers are sifting from cars to suvs and trucks. they are being made to lowerdemand for the cars. it will invest 900 million of plants in ohio and indiana for future new vehicles. >> more than 100 firefighters contained a blaze in new york south of buffalo. the fire broke out at a steel site when a light bulb the building was engulfed in flames. and through a collapse. people nearby were evacuated as a precaution. nobody was hurt. the three alarm fire broke out at a historic textile factory. it burned out of control hours before they struggled to get water on it. the roof collapsed and a
6:44 pm
cause of the fire still under investigation. and okay up next investigators make a decision about child abuse allegations against brad pitt. what they are going to do in the hollywood headlines next. tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here,
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behind the gates the race is on to find the next killer street drug, it is playing russian rowlet you don't know what you will get. compound so dangerous it takes all this to analyze a sample. >> i'm sorboni banerjee, we go inside the biggest lab with the most drugs. new weapons tonight at 10. ho panic as the election resultings came in. it did not last long with wall street closing the day at a near record high. the closing bell up 256. nasdaq 57, s&p up as well. and all green. hollywood headlines. pit bull is back for new year. the investigation is over for brad pitt. another simpson's prediction. if you wonder who would win all
6:48 pm
back in 2000. in an episode from that year president maggie talks about how to recover from the budget crunch left by, wait for it, president trump. >> the year 2000. >> tmz reports that brad pitt has been cleared of child abuse charges. and involving an incident between pitt and his son. he will get more standing in the custody and mr. world wide is back to ring in the new year for fox. the revolution will return from miami. and be joined by snoop. in the house. we're talking about the cooler weather. >> it looks like a good week,. >> we're not talking about cold
6:49 pm
we're looking for rain we could use some not a drought here a major drought in the southeast. 15 days in a row above average. that's a lot. and we have now gone 25 days in a row without measurable rain fall. this is not unheard of in october/november. this is our 25, 35 days in a row. things are dry usually along the way there is a front. and october 1. that's not a lot. and the last reported rain fall was .2 back on october there is some rain.
6:50 pm
that a lot of what are you seeing that is like rain is verga we'll see it coming out of the clouds. and a lot of it evaporates. there are sprinkles. right now the temperatures in the low to mid-70s. delightful. in the 60s. all month long and very tonight along the coast. 64%. wins are off the gulf. a northwest wind at 9. future cast has low pressure in the gulf that literally will collapse. if you have veteran's day off.
6:51 pm
75 to 80. over the weekend. there will be a weakening front heading our way. nights will be cool and keep us with low humidity. we may see it coming off the atlantic that could promote a couple of showers of note you saw it a lot of the models trying to likely pass well east of our state and we'll talk about that in the days ahead. that is 7 to 10 days awa low 60s. the jet stream out west. 79 the low in the 60s. that's the forecast tonight mostly cloudy and seasonable. 65. we may have lingering clouds for a time.
6:52 pm
low humidity up to 80. and friday lots of sunshine. very pleasant and just maybe a day below average. and 78. no sign of cold air and no sign of rain unless you consider 20% something. highs around 80. then lows will stay in the 50s to low 60s. again you know not a lot of excitement you and all in all you take it. you county get the member we know. >> i can clouds then alaska, we see the live sun sets during the news. >> but on days like today when it was cloudy. >> you know what i'm happy about we'll have a nice weekend. >> it will be nice, i'm not too
6:53 pm
>> everyone is sleep deprived today. thank you, paul. >> next a woman and her 3-year-old girl have the battle with cancer. seeing them through the darkest
6:54 pm
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new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars. donald trump said-- once new at steak 'n shake! elected-- he will repeal obamacare... so where it donaldru elected he will repeal obamacare. the uncertainty of the affordable care act as people go through open enrollment. will lakeland decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. where that is up for discussion, can the decision to legalize medical marijuana open the door to recreational use. we'll explore that on the 11:00 news. kelly. >> thank you. >> a little girl and mom have a bond that goes beyond family
6:56 pm
they credit a hospital with helping them through the toughest struggle. they are what is right with tampa bay. ?[music] ? >> twinkle twinkle. chloe knows how to draw a crowd. >> the happy, active 3-year-old loves belting out nursery rhymes. [ laughter ] >> at a family christmas celebration she was having a hard time breathing. her mom took ter hopkins hospital. >> we went to the hospital christmas eve night it was down hill from there, she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. >> a large tumor about half her chest, she went into surgery. >> many doctors were working around to figure out the safety way of hanging her next couple of minutes, she had a tough
6:57 pm
>> it was very painful. >> jacqueline knows too well what she was going through. when she was a child she had cancer. >> i remember coming later in life and having scans done and mris, she is blessed her daughter is winning the battle against the disease. >> and she is eating again. putting her weight on. she is full of life. >> twinkle twinkle. >> she is just adorable. >> isn't she though, we're happy she is better. >> the news keeps on going. and we will see you tonight at
6:58 pm
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lights, camera, access. i pledge to every citizen of our land -- >> we owe him an open mind. >> what did you all do last night? >> the celebration and the despair. we've got every angle covered. i'm natalie morales. amid arguaby the most election ever we've also got the many who are now trying to pull us together. >> we've got megan over here in 30 seconds. excuse me. >> the night is full of drama. >> behind the scenes at fox news with every twist and turn. i'm scott evans. plus how in the world did the media get this so wrong? >> here's what we did. >> we're voting. everybody's voting. >> i'm kit hoover joining chelsea handler for every step of her civic duty. >> you thought it was a love


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